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Jakub Ćwiek

Writer. Father of Sammy and Susie, author of twelve books and numerous short stories and articles. His best-known series are ‘Kłamca’ (Loki – The Liar) – stories of the Nordic god Loki in a world where different mythologies meet – and ‘Chłopcy’ (Boys) – the tale of the Lost Boys who grew up, left Neverland and started a motorcycle gang led by the sexy Tinkerbell. Jakub is also the organizer of the Rock&Read Festival – a promotional tour which is meant to popularize rock music, reading and life on the Road. An enthusiast and expert on all things pop cultural, huge fan of the TV series Firefly. Founder and lieutenant of the Browncoats of Poland. 

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Magdalena Babińska 
Illustrator. Mother of little Matylda, who is an unending source of inspiration for her. Illustrator of children’s books, games and various other children’s media, such as activity books like ‘Zgaduj z Czuczu’ (Guess with Czuczu) or games for www.ciufcia.pl (www.duckiedeck.com). In private life she is a fan of all manner of fantasy&sci-fi and comics. She draws and then shares her daughter’s adventures on their family blog: www.masebi.blogspot.com. 
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Barbara Karlik
Harpress. Story huntress and lullaby collector. She reconstructs the ancient ways of playing the wire strung harp, on her replica of the 16 century Queen Mary harp. Barbara plays early and traditional music, but also writes her own songs, inspired by sci-fi and fantasy books, legends and Really Important Things such as Hope
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