About Browncoats of Poland

I like comparing passion to fire, because it really is like that. First it lights you up, then you work madly, as if you were on fire, your eyes ablaze and your heart burning... It’s awesome, astonishing to lose yourself in passion. To play with fire.
Of course if you do it wrong, you might get burned, draw fire, you might burn your bridges and finally – burn out. Nobody said it would be easy. This is why you have to work with your passion, learn how to direct it. And no matter what your passion is – if you have it, and want to do something that matters, then act, try, surround yourself with people, and you will surely make it.

That is how the Browncoats of Poland started. They are a group of fans of the TV show ‘Firefly’ created by Joss Whedon and cancelled after just 14 episodes, and they made this project possible. After just a year of working together they helped shape up ‘Firefly in the Darkness’. 
What made a group of fans write and publish a children’s book? – you will ask. The answer is: passion. This fire that started with a small group climbing onto chairs and shouting ‘O Captain! My Captain!’ to honor their favorite TV series, its creator Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion, the actor cast as Malcolm Reynolds. That little flame started a fire, when other fans joined in. Together, just for fun and for all Firefly fans from the whole world, we recorded another funny video. That one carried the torch and bound us together stronger than ever. We go to conventions to talk about what keeps us together, we organize contests, meets, we help each other in every possible situation. We care about each other and that is what makes us shine, and though we live our different lives they suddenly become brighter.

And in this light we notice, that we are strong, but there are still those who don’t have enough strength, or who have lost it all and need our help. And helping those who can’t go on alone is our most important Browncoat rule. This is why we decided to join forces and create something that will help others - the smallest people - children –the ‘Firefly in the Darkness’ book. This is where we are now, but with your help we will be even further tomorrow, and in even bigger numbers. Because the fire is always hungry, but if you feed it you will have warmth and light. 
It makes people happier. 
So, who wants to be happy? Because the Browncoats of Poland are recruiting again... 
All the best!
Lt. Jakub Ćwiek
Browncoats of Poland