About the project

What can a little firefly do, when faced with true darkness? ‘Nothing’ someone will say, as the firefly is small and the Darkness is inescapable. I say ‘Everything!’ Because where there is a light, even the smallest spark – there is no Darkness. How many times has someone in a story confused stars with fireflies? Oh, so many times. That made me wander if fireflies get confused as well. That one night maybe a firefly shouted to a light glistening in-between leaves: ‘Hey, Bob, what are you up to so high up in the sky’ – just to realize he was crying to a star, millions of miles away. It would be a bit awkward... but really funny, don’t you think? And so it started, with small funny scenes with insects and a profound, hopeful message. I began to write... And then I remembered my favorite TV show – „Firefly” that was also about hope, friendship, courage and the power of dreams. I just couldn’t help myself and interlaced my little story with hints and wisdom from Joss Whedon’s story. I have a feeling that this makes my firefly shine even brighter. And when I was joined by the wonderful and talented illustrator Magda Babińska, who created inspiring, warm but not overly sweet illustrations the project started shining so bright I had to close my eyes.
I asked my friends from Browncoats of Poland to be my beta-readers and they loved it, so together we decided we wanted to do something good with it. We published it together – every person added a bit of their personal talent to the promotion – and then we uploaded the e-book here, so you can read it, share it with the people you care about – and if you like it you can help a charity we chose to support. We also made printed copies of the book to sell them at conventions and give the profits to a charity promoting reading among children. We want to give the little ones a chance to get to know new worlds hidden among little rows of letters. Because what can one little letter do when faced with nothingness? ‘Nothing’ – someone will say. I say ‘everything’. Because where there is a letter nothingness ceases to exist. 
And let’s admit it. With letters it’s a bit like with Browncoats or fireflies. They are rarely solitary...
You can download the story as an e-book for free from this website, but there is also a printed  hardcover bilingual (Polish and English) edition on gloss paper. It is avaliable online and at conventions featuring Browncoats of Poland presence. More information on the edition and an excerpt of the book below.
What can a little insect do, when faced with true darkness? Not much, unless he has trusted friends, and the courage to risk everything. Get ready for some serious action, when mandibles clash with exoskeletons and the time of brave fireflies approaches!
Author: Jakub Ćwiek
Illustration: Magdalena Babińska
English translation: Piotr Strzelecki
Edition: Tomasz Hoga
Edition of translation: Anna Piotrowska
Proofreading: Anna Tess Gołębiowska
Cover illustration: Magdalena Babińska
Composition: Rafał Szyma
ISBN 978-83-63667-87-0
Edition: 1
Published: 20.12.2013
Language: Polish, English
Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: Dobre Historie, Browncoats of Poland
Project coordinator for Dobre Historie:
Jakub Wiśniewski
Project coordinator for Browncoats of Poland:
Anna Tess Gołębiowska
Media patronage: 
Nowa Fantastyka, Coś na Progu, Hatak.pl, tess-shirt.pl