Welcome to the brightest spot in the verse!

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what dark corners of the Internet you travelled – you can take something good from here and give something wonderful in return. Cool, don’t you think?
Firefly in the Darkness is a book for children (both big and small) inspired by the TV show Firefly and timeless fairytale classics. It is also our idea of promoting reading among children, and in this way helping to develop their imagination. The idea is simple: download the e-book for free (in Polish or English) and if you like it – please make a donation to Kids Need to Read foundation with an annotation „From the fireflies of the Valley”. If you want a printed bilingual (Polish-English) hardcover book – order it via this website and be sure that the profit goes to charity promoting reading among children.
Are we clear? As a Firefly’s light! So now get to work.
And thanks again for stopping by!
Browncoats of Poland