Our other projects

December 2012

First organized event by Browncoats of Poland: a tribute to the creators of ‘Firefly’ for the tenth anniversary of the show’s cancellation. The video ‘A signal from Poland: We're still flying, captain!’ invoked the final scene from ‘Dead Poets Society’ and was filmed by Firefly fans from all around Poland during the duration of Rock&Read Festival 2012. 

March 2013
The first official appearance of Browncoats of Poland at a lecture at the Multigenre fan convention ‘Pyrkon’ in Poznan. The guest of honor was Wendy Scott from Great Britain, the author of ‘Sending a Wave’ podcast.

April 2013

Browncoats of Poland donated to a charity event hosted by Nathan Fillion. Later on they gave a lecture about the series at ‘Grojkon’ convention in Bielsko-Biala.

June 2013
Browncoats of Poland visited ‘Krakon’ convention in Cracow. Their guest was Kevin Whitelock from the USA, a member of Southern California Browncoats. 
July 2013
Browncoats of Poland published their second video, inviting Nathan Fillion to Poland. The director was Stanisław Mąderek and the screenplay was written by Jakub Ćwiek. The assistant director was Patryk Jurek, the director of a recognized film ‘Vocuus’ with Maciej Stuhr. The Filming Club from Gliwice ‘WROTA’ provided technical support. Numerous members of Browncowats of Poland played parts in the movie and helped out on set.

September 2013
Nathan Fillion and Molly C. Quinn received an honorary membership in Browncoats of Poland and our special T-shirts. 

December 2013

Browncoats of Poland decided to publish a children's book and donate all profits from the sales to charity. 

...to be continued